The Borden Murders By Sarah Miller

“Someone has killed Father!”

August 4, 1892: Lizzie Borden calls out frantically for help. When the maid and the neighbors come running, they find Lizzie’s father, Andrew Borden, lying murdered in the sitting room of the Borden home at 92 Second Street in Fall River, Massachusetts. Soon after, the body of Lizzie’s stepmother, Abby, is discovered upstairs.

As the minutes give way to hours, one person rises to the top of the list of suspects: Lizzie herself. But how could a mild-mannered young woman from a prominent family be an axe murderer?

In a compelling narrative, Sarah Miller investigates the chilling crime — from the gruesome details of that fateful August day to Lizzie’s dramatic court battles to the role sensational newspapers played in swaying public opinion.

Enhanced by period photos, newspaper clippings, and, yes, even an image from the crime scene, this is middle-grade non-fiction that races like a true crime novel. Prepare to devour it and to grapple with the same questions a nation asked itself over a century ago: Did Lizzie do it? And if not, who did?

A Young Lizzie Borden circa 1880
Lizzie Borden, circa 1880
Miss Spitfire By Sarah Miller

The Borden Murders

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“Like a historical version of ‘Law & Order,’ the book chronologically reviews and defines the case in lively prose…”

~ New York Times

“Sure to be a hit with true crime fans everywhere.”

~ School Library Journal

“Gory details abound, but Miller is careful not to take a side. Plenty of photos, informative inset boxes, and an extensive bibliography round out this well-researched resource, which invites students to think critically about an infamous story.”

~ Booklist

“The Borden Murders joins the growing body of narrative nonfiction that, despite reading like a novel and looking like a novel…nevertheless scrupulously hews to the facts.”

~ Horn Book Magazine

“With an evenhanded approach, the author crafts a gripping story full of well-documented dialogue drawn from legal records. […] The high-appeal topic will attract many readers, and the suspenseful account will have them trying to solve this still unresolved murder mystery.”

~ Kirkus

“Miller relies on newspaper accounts and court transcripts

to create lively scenes filled with authentic dialogue,

making for a suspenseful crime story,

which is all the more intriguing for its lasting doubt.”

~ Publisher’s Weekly

“Nothing could be better for the true crime reader.”

~ Shelley Dziedzic, Lizzie Borden: Warps & Wefts


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